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How do I make a good blog on Blogger? - Digital Tasks

How do I make a good blog on Blogger?

Blogger is an American online content management system that allows multi-user blogs with time-labelled entries. Pyre Labs developed it before being acquired by Google in 2003. Google held a blog, which can be accessed through subdomain from

    Step 1: Signing in for Blogger

    Go to and Click on Sign in Button Enter Your Email and Password and Sign in Now.

    Step 2: Choose a Name for Your Blog

    This is the title that will be displayed at the top of your Blog. Show on New Tap.

    Filing the Your Blog Title 

    Step 3: Choose a URL for Your Blog

    Choose Your Subdomain this web address is how people will find your blog online. Like – 

    Now Choose Sub - Domain Name and Go to next Step

    Step 4: Confirm Your Display Name

    Now 4 step is How do you want your name displayed to readers of your blog?

    Now Your Blog Setup Ready: - LOOK 

    Step 5: Create Post & Pages

    Click On New Post and Write now you Post and Public Just Like -:

     Now after Your Blog post Public Look like: -

    Now Change MY Theme :- 

    This is default theme for prove blogger Now change my Theme: -

    Go to Sidebar Menu click on Theme and Choose Theme My Theme Notable


    My Theme Notable: -

    And Sidebar Menu: -

    1. Post
    2. Stats
    3. Comment
    4. Earning
    5. Pages
    6. Layout
    7. Theme
    8. Setting
    9. Reading List





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